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Angel Carter is based in the USA and reintroduces himself with his explosive single “Benghazi”. This dynamic rerelease sets the standard for what’s to come from this emerging indie artist. Carter’s powerful visuals seen throughout the “Benghazi” music video ignite the mind and leave the viewer questioning what it means to be free.

Many of his great inspirations paved the way for Carter to thrive in this newly approaching era. His attention to detail, breath control, and articulation are unmatched. Angel Carter notes, “he wants to be more than just another rapper… he is here to break the mold and inspire change”. His rebellious spirit is dictated by his rap style alongside his sharp vocals. Angel Carter brings a refreshing look to authenticity. The message he wants to deliver is simple, “Be Yourself”.

Angel Carter is currently crafting another upcoming single which he says will provide those with a love of nostalgia something to hold onto. Carter prides himself in his homages to the 90s. His rap style has been influenced by that classic hip-hop sound which can be not only heard but felt by listeners.

Those interested in featuring “Benghazi” on their playlist or featuring Angel on their site/blog for an interview can reach out via the information provided below.

Angel Carter works around Hip-hop, Instrumental hip-shop authentic, Catchy, Creative, Dancing, Energetic, Engaged, Good vibes, Unique, Captivating, Available on Spotify, and Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Theangelcarter/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0mFjQUMHKsN30UAthjoJXf?si=ShEFnsFgSyKoBnmQ-FnFPw


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