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Baby Mic Candy is a 3-member Hip Hop group currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. The current team consists of GOLI and YUKI, who grew up in Japan, and MOTO, who is from Thailand. Each member is gifted in songwriting and rapping, and the group is presenting a new genre of music that mixes Thai, Japanese, and English languages.

Baby Mic Candy's production style is a mixture of mutual trust and respect. While they clash with each other's different music sensibilities, they rap with a positive message for the future in a cheerful and fun way. Listening to their music, you will hear a perfect balance of lyrics and rhythms that aggressively push forward and upward, where in the next moment, you will feel yourself already starting to run toward your dreams. With such energetic songs, they are influencing Thailand, the rest of Asia, and the world.

Since the release of their debut single, ‘RUN’, in August 2022, uprising Thai and Japanese Hip Hop group, Baby Mic Candy (BMC) will be releasing their second single, TAKE OFFon 7 October 2022, Friday, via Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The release of TAKE OFF’ comes with BMC’s announcement of Thailand’s prominent actor and artist, FIAT, joining the group.

BMC’s second single, ‘TAKE OFFis produced by up-and-coming music producer, SpatChies, who has worked with many of Thailand's leading rappers such as MILLI, MAIYARAP, 1MILL, Younggu, etc., TAKE OFF’ is the perfect "departure song" for BMC, who is making a fresh start as a 4-member group with the addition of a new member FIAT.

The four members of BMC are always eager to take on new challenges, and living life to the fullest. Having grown up in completely different environments with different languages and cultures, TAKE OFFis a mix of the four members’ individual musical styles and personalities, which also includes some Japanese-like sounds to show the national characteristics of the Thai and Japanese people.


The music was put together with tight, minimal beats that maintain cool party energy. The most appealing aspect of the track is the perfect balance of the vocals and flows between FIAT and BMC’s three existing members. While the single is based on a Hip Hop style, it is mixed with multiple elements of club music that bring the whole song to an uplifting level.

The arrangements are nostalgic yet innovative and give a sense of comfort that is unique to the Thai and Japanese Hip Hop music communities. On joining BMC, FIAT shares, “I'm very excited and happy to be a member of BMC. We have similar styles of music that we like to listen to so much, we are making songs that we feel will be the best fit for us.

Everyone in the group has been so friendly and good to work with, and they are all talented in their own way. I have full confidence that we can go a long way together. This is only the beginning, but I already get lonely every time I don't see them! It’s so much fun being with them, it is as though we are having a party while we are still getting our work done. We will continue to work hard to improve ourselves for our fans, so please look forward to our performance in the future”.

GOLI shares, “‘TAKE OFF’, marks the "now" of each of us, and the four of us as BMC, our expectations and determination. The song expresses the elation and tension of the moment an airplane takes off in many ways through structural lyrics, language, and flow. SpatChies is from the same generation as us, and we hit it off immediately. His excellent beat-making was in line with BMC's belief in producing music without forgetting our sense of fun. Our production style mixes the music sensibilities and tastes of each member and features only what we think is good, – an essential part of BMC's departure, and is filled with the excitement and enthusiasm of our BMC (babies) like a toy box. 

Baby Mic Candy works around Experimental electronic, Hip-hop Creative, Energetic, Positive, Surprising, Available on Spotify, International Potential


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/babymiccandy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Baby-Mic-Candy-104373792319791


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