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Boogie Belgique is a Belgian band founded in 2012 by Oswald Cromheecke. The project grew steadily through word of mouth, and Cromheecke was eventually joined by Emily Van Overstraeten,  Cedric Van Overstraeten, Aiko Devriendt, Ambroos De Schepper , and Martijn Van Den Broek. This collaborative approach to production gave birth to a new sound that stayed true to the nostalgic flair of the band’s beginning. 

Boogie Belgique’s sound is a blend of electronic music and jazz, with hints of Bonobo, Wax Tailor, and Quantic. Varying anywhere between relaxing, intimate moods and energizing, danceable grooves, Boogie Belgique’s music is characterized by melancholia, vintage samples, and a live big band feels.

With “Pepper’s Ghost”, Boogie Belgique wants to make you smile. The second single from their forthcoming fifth album ”Machine” is the sunny, disco, and chill-infused trip-hop excursion reminiscent of childhood coastal road trips and Cafe del Mar sunsets.

A steady four on the flour anchors a swirling universe of halcyon choirs and funky guitar, with an emphasis on rhythmic pacing and a deep pocket. The track visual depicts the daily commute of workers in the 1950s, traveling by train and boat, with a white, ghostlike figure emerging in these bustling crowds.

Four years after the success of the band’s breakout album Volta, Boogie Belgique is back with Machine. Their sixth album draws a parallel to the 1930s both musically and politically.


The album’s sound pays homage to the decade’s musical trends, such as the crooners, big bands, and swing. The band puts this concept on full display in their album standout

Wonder, which is a modern crooner track inspired by Harold Orlob’s hit I Wonder Who’s Kissing You Now with nods to fan favorites like Goodnight Moon and Forever & Ever.

In both eras, the music is meant to be escapist. In the ’30s, fans of music danced their troubles away through exuberance. During the modern age in which this album is set, Boogie Belgique invites its listeners to slow down, breathe, and heal from the frantic distractions of modern life that engulf many of us.

The parallel can also be seen in the economic and sociopolitical shadows of the decade that ultimately lead to catastrophic events. Though the threat is never named explicitly in their music, and the meaning of the album title Machine is open to everyone’s interpretation, this looming presence is something that can be seen in much of the album’s themes. Feeling like they’re on the brink of losing things that are precious in this world, Boogie Belgique warns its listeners of fallen kingdoms (Tales of Old) and the dangers of their ever-growing consumption in the present day (Risk). This theme is carried in the band’s visuals, created by Oswald Cromheecke, who comes from generations of renowned visual artists and who maintains a very cohesive vision throughout the band’s work (album art, videos, and live visuals).

Boogie Belgique works around Electro swing, Hip-hop, Modern jazz, Trip hop-Chill, Dancing, Energetic, Fusion, Good vibes, Groovy, Melancholic, Relax, Available on Spotify, On stage experience, and Supported artists.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boogiebelgique/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4TIrC99WSg0tOtBCGDjMRY?si=kzzSAu-_RDqby8lKr_8gQA


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