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Cara Van Thorn is an artist based in AUSTIN, TEXAS. Cara Van Thorn releases their second full-length album ‘The Way I Hear it in My Head’, and is available worldwide as of Friday, October 21st.

This follows up last year’s holiday-themed album ‘Cara Van Claus’ and 2020’s debut EP “Coco Can’t Turn Left”. In addition to the core band members, the album features piano compositions from Tyler Olfers and drum tracks by Rom Gov. From the rollicking big band-inspired ‘Whatever It Takes’ to the downtempo neo-folk ‘Don’t’ to the girl power anthem ‘Gone’, ‘The Way I Hear it in My Head’ has something for everyone.

A little bit gothic, a little bit neo-30s, and just a little bit weird, they dazzle and delight with every song. Founded by Donkey Island alums Adam Donovan and Carrie Stephens, the band itself continues to grow as more musicians find themselves hooked on the sound.

The music of Cara Van Thorn can best be described as dynamic. With vocals that range from smooth to soaring, a piano that keeps the beat, and a host of instrumental cameos, it’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Their sound would be right at home in a raucous speakeasy; a burlesque parlor; a late-night jazz club; or a Tim Burton movie, and is reminiscent of such bands as Alice Francis, Tori Amos, and even Evanescence.

The lyrics are at times surprising and often evoke dark imagery, and each song tells its own story; finding power after a breakup, recognizing ones demons (real or imagined), and the end of the world itself. Emotions run deep, with only rare glimpses of hope and happiness. The hauntingly beautiful melodies are supported by the band’s signature harmonies, catchy drum beats, atmospheric trumpets, staccato piano threads, and expressive bass lines. Like a perfume of nostalgia, Cara Van Thorn creates earworms that will linger with you long after the songs have ended.

The Way I Hear it in My Head’ defies fitting any one genre, featuring tracks influenced by swing, indie pop, Motown, rock, EDM, and more. The album’s latest single, “When I Take My Eyelashes Off (You Forget That I’m Pretty)”, belies its upbeat swing vibe with a more serious exploration of industry sexism. “I watched other women singers garner more media attention by being ‘sexier’, and it felt ridiculous to me that success as a female musician was still very much based on how you look. This song is about ‘playing the game’ even if it’s not who you are and how problematic it all is,” says lead singer Carrie Stephens. The song’s official music video is currently making its way around the film festival circuit.


When I Take My Eyelashes Off” is the last single of our brand-new album, and we're looking for more media attention and global audience discovery. 'Eyelashes' is an expression of our lead singer, a woman in the music industry who feels the need to sell music through the image. While coverage is the goal, honest and detailed feedback is greatly appreciated. While typically grounded in nu-jazz/nu-swing, our musical style can be varied, so let us know if you'd like to hear something different!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caravanthorn/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vmwjxGYy1MMP5gjQ28td9?si=zsbrFr7oSBeCjyqKpJwAnw

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