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DOVE-i is the Parisian Musical Collective born of a desire to meet with others and swap ideas, Dove-i is a musical collective bringing together talents from every horizon to develop unusual artistic projects of a highly cinematic nature that pack a powerful emotional punch. Founded by composers and producers Thomas Verovski & Bastide Donny, this “Musical Factory” is the way to respond to requests for music with a high-end image and strong creativity.

Who is DOVE-i? From a desire for exchanges and meetings was born Dove-i, a collective that brings together talents from all walks of life to develop projects singularly artistic, very cinematic, and with a strong impact emotional.

In this particular period when the world is turned upside down, this opus is in a way the soundtrack of a film that nobody would have conceived. As an act of resilience through art, the scenarios address questions rooted in the reality of this new decade: The inner metamorphosis, artistic questioning, renewal of love, identity at the time of the Black Lives Matter movement, wealth of differences, the Earth that we leave to generations future.


So many fundamental themes are set to music in a spirit resolutely cinematographic by the Dove-i collective with the collaboration of talents from all over the world.


The “REVOLUTION” Features RIOUX V (Miami, US) After his hit “Do or Die” in collaboration with rapper Faf Larage, Rioux V sign with DOVE-I a powerful fine symphonic rap! A hip-hop title could be the Soundtrack of a Spike Lee film.

Dove-I works around Ambient, Classical music, Film music, Instrumental, Trip hop Chill, Contemporary, Drama, Eclectic, Fusion, Unique, Indie, Lo-fi, Melodic, Sensual, Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Supported artists, Upcoming project.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dove_i_music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2GlVYgRfmRbGGP4ZwrDwlh


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