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FerD.K is an artist based in Germany. FerD.K is really an R&B artist living in Germany and has released his music project called “Delight”. The successful singer FerD.K, who came to the fore with the Turkish TV series 'Zemheri' last year, is this time coming with his music project. The famous TV actor, who has been taking music and singing lessons in Germany for a long time, became one of the hot topics of social media with his sexy and mysterious R&B sound.

FerD.K managed to add many activities and projects to his musical adventure, which he started at a young age. The first inspiration for the young artist who was born in Nordhorn, Germany is his father. He started his first compositions and recordings at the age of 13. FerD.K caught attention in the TV show "Teen star" on RTL2, one of the important TV channels of Germany, and remained in the top 50 among 7000 people.

European managers, who followed his successful steps, organized club tours for the artist, enabling him to meet with more listeners. FerD.K, who found the opportunity to produce more comfortably in his private studio, which he established after his singing and music production training in Europe, is also an educated actor. The young artist takes part in the TV series "Zemheri" on Show TV in Turkey and continues to develop his acting career as well as music.

The new, hot release “Delight” took its place among the most listened to in all music stores, especially Spotify. FerD.K established musical ties between Germany and the States, and that at this point, global music producers, working with Grammy-winning artists, showed a special interest in him in terms of experience and energy. “Delight” seems to be a candidate to be indispensable for the whole cold season with its unique and warming sound.

FerD.K works around Afrobeat, Dance-pop, House music, Oriental music, Pop soul, R&B, Soul, Urban pop authentic, Good vibes, Groovy, Unique, Melancholic, Midtempo, Romantic, Sensual, Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ferd.kofficial/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3caAQjol87qSdcgSTnPAV4?si=rR6k8OkwRS6Uif_TFOSo-w


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