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Goldy Cappel was born in Cameroon to a French-Cameroonian family and was raised in France. Goldy Cappel was born with albinism, which maybe made him focus on my earing rather than his sight.

Goldy Cappel quickly learned many musical instruments (7) starting with Piano by himself at around three years old. His Father never wanted him to be a musician and stated it clearly.

Goldy Cappel had other passions and focused on them. The first time he had to go back to Music was at 19, when he found himself homeless in Paris after high school. He was lucky enough to have a successful career in tech later, but Music helped him to get some food for these eight months of precarious freedom.

This time too he jumped back to music after his Father's death and a burn-out at work. Goldy Cappel locked himself in his room and came out with 22 songs written, sang, and arranged.

But above everything, he regained his mental health almost entirely. From there Goldy Cappel decided to never stop Music again and to restructure his life to dedicate most of his time to Music.

Goldy Cappel’s influences are varied but if he needs to name some key musicians, he'd say: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Ben Harper, John Legend, and Bruno Mars; Corneille and Stromae were artists who impacted me quite a lot as a human and music lover.

While he has only a few weeks of career Goldy Cappel saw his first EP “Who I am” and its flagship title “Stranger” live their baptism of fire in several dancing squares in Paris. With this collection of 5 titles, the artist of Cameroonian origin makes us dance in 2 languages, and questions us about the current state of our world and our mental health, and the relation to our surroundings.

Varied themes that Goldy Cappel promises to deepen with another EP for the end of 2022 and an Album in 2023. It was while growing up in a family of amateur and professional musicians that the Franco-Cameroonian forged a universe that surfs between the nostalgic sounds of African American R&B of the last 50 years and a legacy of jazz and afrobeat from central Africa.

Goldy Cappel found his musical identity under the influence of legends such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Bruno Mars, Stromae, and even Corneille. As with many new talents, a cover of Drinkin posted on social networks and dubbed by its singer, the American-Albanian star JMSN will serve as the first detonator. But it is an acoustic version of what will become his first single Empty Room that Goldy Cappel realizes that his compositions can be enjoyed by a wider audience. Under the impetus of a title that, by a curious coincidence, will be taken up by several influencers and reality TV stars on TikTok, Goldy will post more videos on the platform that will be viewed more than 100,000 times in a few days. Goldy Cappel, therefore, decides to compose and record his first EP “Who I Am” in September 2022 in his Parisian apartment.

Goldy Cappel works around Electropop, Funk, R&B, Urban pop authentic, Chill, Groovy, and Melancholic.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/goldy_cappel?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3amAlJry5nRAycyEgErOJa?si=3PDcNzFIRV-XSW-cfgUABw

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