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Jeremy Sean Hector is a guitarist and songwriter, with a unique approach to writing and performing that blends soul and contemporary jazz. He is a perpetual student of music and aspires to use his gift to positively impact his listeners. His melodic style of playing has been described as having a vocal quality.

Born on the Caribbean island of Grenada on December 24th, 1990, Jeremy was introduced to music at an early age. His musical journey began at the age of seven; with classical piano lessons.

However, it was on the guitar that he found his true passion for music. His father, Jude Hector, being a guitarist himself, exposed Jeremy to a wide variety of musical genres; and taught him for a few years. This combination of exposure to music and informal lessons became the bedrock of his musical education.

In 2009, Jeremy began a four-year academic journey on the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Barbados consecutively, which culminated with a Masters Degree in Psychology. In addition to his academic achievement, he had the privilege of working with some amazing musicians; who opened his eyes to the possibility of a career in music.

Since the beginning of his career, Jeremy has had the honor of sharing with internationally acclaimed artists such as Arturo Tappin, Eddie Bullen, Ronald “boo” Hinkson, Larnell Lewis, and the British Collective. With a solidly successful debut album behind him and a much-anticipated second album on the way, the runway is clear for career take-off for Jeremy Sean Hector, and “Night Flight” will certainly help carry it skyward. The single “Night Flight” is available now everywhere and the new album “Light After Dark” will be released on November 18, 2022.

Night Flight” is the kind of song that seems to come alive at night, by Hector. “With an air of wonder and anticipation, this song just wants to take you on a pleasant trip.” After two-plus years filled mostly with uncertainty and isolation, a pleasant trip sounds about right, right now for many of us. With “Night Flight”, Hector and his soothing, melodically and technically masterful guitar riffs are ready to oblige as they float over a soulful soundscape of pulsating bass, gently propelling drums, and vibe-setting keyboards with a whole city of light and dark laid out below like a twinkling star field.

Jeremy Sean Hector works around Modern jazz Authentic, Fusion, Good vibes, Relax, and Tropical, Available on Spotify, Composer, On stage experience, International potential, Supported artists, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeremyseanhector/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1akYcPyDtIQAN54HFVHbWR?si=dI7i6-36QV6mSBgZvqJloA

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