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Kevin Brown is a special artist based in the USA. Kevin Brown says music is a beneficial force that is rarely used to its full potential. When you need some inspiration, some energy, or a different perspective on things, there is music for you. In our fast-moving world, where everything is on that "Get It Done Yesterday" syndrome.

Kevin Brown agrees that music can help make your days better, productive, and just plain fun. Kevin Brown is a blind, jazz saxophonist. With over 40 years of professional experience, Kevin has developed an intense, improved style of playing.

Indeed, getting someone to enjoy your music is always a task for any artist. Putting out your own original sound for people to take in and see if they enjoy it. To exceed in that you truly have to knock the song out of the park, and Kevin Brown does just that on the new release “Psalm 47”. 

His unique sound is both soothing, and captivating to the listener. Kevin has toured the USA, Canada, Europe, The Hawaiian Islands, and Spain. Being proficient in several styles of music such as jazz, blues, rock, fusion, R&B, funk, classical, and country music.

Music has allowed Kevin to play in many bands, and groups ranging from his solo performances to a 40-piece jazz orchestra. Kevin owned and operates his recording studio: Curse Buster Sound.

Kevin writes, composes, masters, and records all of his songs in his studio. Kevin plays all of the instruments in his songs. Kevin says "If I could do only one thing right,...Let it be music that inspires people to do the right thing".

Kevin Brown works around Experimental jazz, Jazz fusion, Instrumental, Modern jazzAuthentic, Creative, Energetic, Fusion, Good vibes, Intense, Original, Positive, Relax, Romantic, and Captivating. 

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