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Nhyx is an independent electronic music composer from Paris. Lover of classical music before he met electronic and 90's House / Techno scene, he approaches his compositions as real sound travels. Playing with his synths and keyboards as main instruments through his melodic journey, he propels us somewhere out of time, in a world of his own, both melodious and percussive, populated by haunting melodies and tasty vintage quotes.

Always looking for alternative music with both poetic and quirky influences, he has created his own universe at the crossroad of many genres, sometimes flirting with Lo-fi / Indie House and Electronica, sometimes swinging between Retro Waves and Deep-Tech. His next life articulated around his two albums "Atlas" and his new project "Zephyr", will focus on his keyboard solos, pads, and other sequencers.

Nhyx is a Parisian composer and DJ, active since the early 2010s. Through alternative electronic music punctuated by vocals and quotes deliciously vintage, it propels us elsewhere, into a world that is both melodious and percussive. He knew how to shape his own universe at the crossroads of genres, in an electric French Touch and colorful, tinged with Indie-House and Deep-Tech influences.

But his deep inspirations extend far beyond: his heart leans as much on the side of New Wave films as on Manga art and from Greek mythology, whose name Nhyx borrows from the Goddess of the Night. He very quickly became a key figure in student circles thanks to his music. friendly and unifying.

On the strength of this experience and these encounters, he immediately became interested in creating bridges between popular and scholarly music, refusing both ease and elitism. On his newly created Pavillon label, he released the EP Antiquités in 2017, quickly followed by his first album Atlas, which was a great success.

CDs and vinyl were distributed even in Tokyo record stores! His productions open the doors to a Live tour, articulated around keyboards and percussion, on several dozen dates throughout France, Switzerland, and Belgium, thus completing the success of this first opus.

In recent years, he has devoted himself fully to the development of his Pavillon label, and to the accompaniment of young artists, thus giving back to music what music gave it. Nhyx released their second album Zéphyr in January 2020, followed by a reissue Zéphyr: expansion, available in CD format.

After two albums in a melodic Electro French Touch style, Nhyx chooses to explore the Classic House. In June 2021, he presents ORTF an energetic and dancing EP, with retro accents. In August, his track Comptine Spatiale was selected by EA Sports for the trailer of FIFA 2022. His music is regularly used on television in films and commercials.

On December 10, 2021, he innovates with his double single Flaws inspired by the compositions of Erik Satie, accompanied by an intimate grand piano clip. Winner of a competition organized by the National Center for Music and the French Institute of Poland, he moved to Sopot in April 2022 for a 3-week artist residency, in preparation for his next album.

Nhyx works around Chill out, Dance music, Electronica, French house, House music, Nu-disco, Synthwave, Techno


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nhyxmusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/15hYbx7vg01TZFFgipPAHm?si=8nrsF5U2TfSHlz0-SHehXg

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