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Pablo H - The Surfwood Circle Band is an artist and comes from a “weird” background. Pablo H was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He knew he was going to be a musician ever since he can remember.

Pablo H studied drums, piano, and guitar. He got signed by RCA records when he was sixteen years old. Rock and Roll band. Recorded four albums and won a gold record by the time he was twenty.

He decided to move to Los Angeles to study music in the 80s. Got a music composition degree at UCLA and somehow replaced music with cinema. He found himself working in visual effects for movies and have been working for Industrial Light and Magic for the last twenty-six years.

Pablo H got three Oscar nominations for Visual Effects and yet… music keeps coming back into his life. Music and Cinema share the same heart – color, tone, mood, rhythm, sequencing, storytelling, texture, and structure. Everything about music is imaging. He can see the music.

Pablo H’s trip to Japan shows people were everywhere, buzzing around. A city within a city. Orderly lines, luggage, traffic. Then, the train leaves the station. The BASS takes off at half-time, while the DRUMS are in double-time. The GUITAR goes back and forth, sometimes with the bass, others with the drums.


KYOTO STATION 2.0” was a place in Japan to be visited in 2020. It was his second trip there. Loved it. Again. Took the bullet train from Tokyo to “Kyoto”. Then, he immediately got this thing – this, music in his head.

You can follow the instruments individually, talking to each other. On a journey to meet the horns. Fast. The bass won’t move from half-time till the chorus. Then we are all in. Fast guitars, bass, drums, and horns – playful. If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the people coming and going around you. Chaotic but orderly. Pushy but polite. There are no lyrics. But the melody lines are treated like lyrics. They go up and down like the spoken word – melodies pose questions and answer them or suspend and delay a resolution. Melody lines have a beginning, middle, and end.

Pablo H likes telling stories being a one-man blues band. Composer, arranger, and all instruments player.

Pablo H - The Surfwood Circle Band works around Modern jazz contemporary, Creative, Groovy, Original, Positive, Surprising, Captivating, Composer, International potential, Unsigned artist


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pablo-helman/kyoto-station-20?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

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