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Rémi Dorage is a French singer & with catchy songs. Rémi Dorage writes and composes all his songs. You enter his personal universe, in its joys, its doubts, and its questions. His lyrics are accessible to all but meaningful.

Rémi Dorage’s music is furiously addictive. A good pop recipe! Stronger Than You is the English version of the track "Je mordrai le loup" by Rémi Dorage, who played the game of transposition with his little Frenchy accent.

The lyrics have been completely rewritten to better match the Anglo-Saxon way of writing: lyrics are more direct, and ultimately more impactful. First LP coming soon Rémi Dorage recorded an LP that will be released on December 2022. “Stronger Than You” follows the good reception in France of Le Premier Cri and Je t’Adore and remixes. The LP will be bright, dancing, and optimistic.

Stronger Than You” is a catchy pop song written, composed, and performed by Rémi Dorage. On electro rhythms and 80s influences, Rémi Dorage wants to show that an injured teenager, sometimes humiliated or insulted, can have a strength of character that helps him face all the challenges of life. Beyond a theme in which many can find themselves, and not only LGBTQIA+ people, “Stronger Than You” is a song full of optimism that runs through your head from the first listen!

Remi Dorage works around Dance music, Dance-pop, International pop, and French variety.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remidorage

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/remidorageofficiel 

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