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Roja$ is a Dominican singer from Cranston, RI. His powerful vocal ability allows versatility across multiple styles of music like hip hop, afrobeat, and reggae-ton. Debuting his first project in 2018 and making several releases after, Roja$ has acquired over 40,000 streams and listeners in over 70 countries.

This is a Reggae-ton record performed in English and Spanish with a feature from Riot, an artist out of Atlanta, GA, who is consistently proving his talent and potential with frequent releases to his SoundCloud page.

Roja$ brings a feel-good electro-pop sound t life that’s impossible not to enjoy in the new song “Show It Off”. The commercial appeal in the sound catches you immediately, with a bright feel to the music that feels good to hear to set the ultimate tone for him to deliver. 

Roja$ and Riot both have very definitive sounds and they mesh together perfectly in this collaboration that is destined to serve as a summer soundtrack for years to come. This record breathes happiness and positivity, which is a standard throughout Roja$ discography.

Roja$ works around African music, Hip-hop, and Latin music.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realrojasdr/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/42kaTZ6k3HgTkEYXRjG6g7?si=JacQE6v6TuGA31vaNBiRpg

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