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The Jealous Guys (TJG) are a hip-hop duo comprised of two emcees, Yin and Casa, born and raised in San Francisco, CA. As natives of the Bay Area, their sound and appeal far exceed what has become the expected norm of regional music.

Ever since they first came onto the underground scene, their music has blended consciousness and positive vibes with street-wise lyricism serving as a soundtrack to surviving and having fun in the midst of the struggle. They often reference their cultural upbringing, while balancing the harsh realities that come about growing up in impoverished communities.

TJG has garnered national media attention, having been interviewed several times, has video premieres on major blog platforms, and has also been featured in VICE network's Huang's World and VICELAND “Noisey” Bay Area.

The Jealous Guys unite with Don John DaVinci with “Road Runnin”, the three are storytelling about not letting their emotions get the best of them. "When it's all bad, don't let ‘em no- nothing", the ballad opens up the song and tells us about finding our purpose.

Climbing through all adversity is a must and this trio is here to remind you that in life you have to go pound for pound against your goals. DaVinci is hot off a few single releases and brings a verse focused on his childhood colliding with current life situations as they hit the “Road Runnin'”. By now most people are familiar with the other side of San Francisco.

A looming concern for all visitors is that things could go from cable cars and Full House to car break-ins and Fentanyl real quick. Davinci is a living and breathing representation of the Fillmore. A centrally located neighborhood slightly west of city hall blended the perfect marriage between the city’s open drug market and ground zero for the homeless encampments.

The Fillmore came to be a prominent historically black neighborhood known for its mythic importance in the tradition of Jazz music, Davinci continues the tradition by breathing life into it as only hip hop can. It's impossible to ignore the fact that while the Fillmore neighborhood has changed drastically since the 70s, the plight of its residents is still largely the same.

And while that plight has long-generated great art, it is rare to find artists who can successfully marry the unpleasant circumstances that birth the art to the beauty of the art itself. Davinci goes beyond the implicit limits of Jazz and carries on his family's musical tradition in ways that are both personally fulfilling, and socially productive. Building on the careful rhythmic sensibilities, cool patient melodies, and perpetual movement of the Jazz tradition he was born into, and telling the story of a young black male whose sole means of social empowerment.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejealousguys_/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5SKWSaWfjWEP3ziVB5GQuE?si=LyrnJNSoSUehggq4XOgjKQ

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