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Youthstar is an artist and native of London. Youthstar began his career on the Drum & Bass scene, in particular within the Dirty-phonics collective, then with Camo and Krooked during a world tour.

In 2014, Youthstar meets the group Chinese Man then joins their tours around the world and participates in the project The Groove Sessions Vol.3. He also surrounds himself with Senbeï (Smokey Joe & The Kid) on production and released his first 2 solo projects on the label Chinese Man Records, SA.MOD and Back To The Sauce, on which he collaborates with many artists such as Chill Bump, Dope DOD, ASM, Deluxe or Foreign Beggars.

While touring with his own live band, he also performs on tour with Chinese Man in France and worldwide for the album Shikantaza. Miscellaneous is first and foremost the voice of the fusion group Fumuj and Rytmétix, in which he had the opportunity to collaborate with Doctor Flake and Metastaz. Pure English native speaker, Miscellaneous arrived in France at the height of the golden age of French rap and quickly imposed his sharp and impulsive flow.

Since 2010, he leads the duo Chill Bump with the beatmaker Bankal. The group releases 4 albums (Ego Trip, Crumbs, Going Nowhere, and Crumbs Vol. 2) and performs on many French stages and abroad.

Over the years, Miscellaneous multiplies collaborations (Biga*Ranx, Taïwan MC, Foreign Beggars, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Senbeï, Degiheugi, ASM...) and gets closer to the group Chinese Man and the MC Youthstar with whom he forms an explosive duo. At the end of 2021, Youthstar & Miscellaneous released their shared album Out Past Curfew on Chinese Man Records and work on other upcoming projects as a duo, including an EP, a second album, and NFT releases.


The “Stranger Times” EP was born between confinements, protests, and riots. The richness of this project comes from this particular period of unstable effervescence crossed by a lot of dissonant emotions such as anger, panic, or even confusion. Youthstar & Miscellaneous seized these situations and try, through the different tracks of this EP, to express some facets of it.

In order to reflect the singularity of this project’s emotions, the two MCs decided not to put any feature vocals, but rather to have each track produced by a different beatmaker and thus gathers on this eclectic EP the producers DJ Vadim, Bankal (Chill Bump), Coeur Nwar (Rezinsky + C2C), Rhino, Rhum One, and DJ Slade.

Stranger Times” is part of a pattern of "episodes" imagined by the duo of MCs. This EP, composed and recorded between two confinements, replies to their first album in duo, Out Past Curfew.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mcyouthstar/?hl=fr

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3cR6qV3d1bnUmuPpw8DhFZ

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