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ASM is an artist based in France.

With 3 critically acclaimed albums and over 600 concerts in 25 different countries to their credit, ASM has established itself as one of the preeminent hip-hop groups in Europe as of today. Their unique pattern of sophisticated and expressive boom-bap fusion continues to serve as a refreshing reminder that hip-hop can be fun, artistically ambitious, and intelligent.

Comprised of MCs Green and FP and DJ/producer Rhino, the international trio that grew out of a high school friendship (one Canadian, one German, and one English) first gained international recognition with their collaboration with Wax Tailor: "Positively Inclined" and "Say Yes". They have since collaborated with Chinese Man, MF DOOM, Deluxe, La Fine Equipe, and many others.

After exploring the depth of cinematic orchestration and pushing the boundaries of narrative rap on their opus The Jade Amulet, and a return to their original jazzy boom-bap on the String Theory EP, the 2 MCs of the group accompany Marseille-based Chinese Man on the "Shikantaza" tour in 2019, before joining the ranks of Chinese Man Records.

Thereafter, they take a new direction with the album Color Wheel, before being stopped in its flight by the world health crisis and the generalized lockdown. The group is inspired by this particular situation to propose a mini album: Blue Cocoon. ASM follows up very quickly with an ambitious project called Ōrigin & Juice combining both their love for music, gastronomy, and natural wine in the form of an EP.

To coincide with the release of their debut LP Breakfast in Phantasia, the esoteric hip-hop collective “Clouds in a Headlock” presents their flagship focus cut "Phantasia''. Mellow jazzed-out Rhodes and a raw drum break collide to provide the buoyant soundscape of production duo Runway 45 with added sonic sprinkles provided by the Ghost in the Machine.

MCs Doctor Outer, Lovecraft, and Èph weave effortlessly through the beat to deliver their rich colorful rhymes and illuminate “Clouds in a Headlock's” psychedelic playground. "Phantasia" hits DSPs on 18.11 courtesy of CMR in partnership with Fat Beats.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asm_astateofmind/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/01L6jvexr6BpNIfs0wHGkn


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