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Bantunani is an artist based in France. Bantunani is Composer, singer, and producer. More than music, Bantunani offers his own electro afro-funk style based on heavy bass, Funky guitars, and wyse lyrics that describe our deep feelings and the world state. The man is also a great live entertainer who had recorded more than 12 albums.

From the album, just a few notes are enough to understand that nothing has been left to chance in crafting this long-awaited album, from the Afrofuturist aesthetic of the visuals to percussive orchestration: Cosmogony responds to a very specific order where each song takes its place in a constellation of 15 titles.

This immersive journey into Afro-funk is a source of energy, a message of hope, a glow in the twilight of the world, as Gonzo Music describes it: From critical reception: "It's been a long time since I've had such a crush on an album made in Africa, but listening to “Cosmogony”,

I could not resist the sound of the afro-groove fusion of this gifted Congolese who publishes here what constitutes arguably his best album. Between Youssou N'Dour and Bruno Mars, between Ismael Lo and Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse, Bantunani offers us her radiant and warm fusion to enhance our summer.

At 46, this singer-songwriter, producer and director knew also soak up the reggae of Marley, but also the afro-jive of Fela, our "Black President", the deep soul of Curtis Mayfield, the funk of Stevie Wonder, to create his own version of an unstoppable afro-groove.

Now based between Paris, Kinshasa and Casablanca, he offers us the twelve beaches of his powerful "Cosmogony", just to add atmosphere to our summer of so many good vibes. From the first title, the dancing, "Next Generation" its afro-groove pulsates joyfully while "Conscience" between brassy jazz and carefree funk reminds me of the fiery township jive of South Africa.

How not to think of Fela while letting yourself be carried away by the frenzied rhythm of Tango Lady? A little throwback to the future of nostalgia with the aptly named "Pigalle Swing" and its sample of Fréhel from "Where are all my lovers", then here comes THE indisputable hit of the CD with "Somebody", carried by its excerpt from Reverend Jesse Jackson's speech for a title that will know you  dance until the end of the night. With “Francofolie” the friend Bantunani proves that he knows how to be as comfortable in the language of Molière as in that of Shakespeare to shake our little balls. Definitely funky afro reggae ”The Reality" makes me think of Johnny Clegg and his powerful sources Zulu.

Finally, it is with the sensual and nevertheless restless “Under My Skin“, with hip-hop influences that ends this beautiful collection of world music so eclectic and cool. “Cosmogony” is actually doing admirably well in its title… cosmic!

Under my Skin” by Bantunani. On a hushed and dancing electro-rock beat, Bantunani delivers a torrid and sensual aspect of his afro-funk by inviting the singer and psychotherapist Ambre L on the backing vocals. Love is a chase where desires and taboos mingle.

We think we hear a classic title straight out of the seventies, one of those effective melodies nourished by Rhodes piano and other bass lines that haunt you. The passionate duo works wonderfully, between a funky voice and the bewitching whispers of Ambre L, the invitation is irresistible. With more than 700000 views on his new album Cosmogony songs, Bantunani is back on top to make us dance and think differently.

Bantunani works around Chill out, Electro swing, Funk, & Soul.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bantunanimusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0ctGzhgXv88AlDh5rPylcO?si=8p1SE-llQkSyUJGAI_xqow


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