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Dark Capricorn Rising was formed in 2018. And has released 1CD: In the Force of the Blast 1EP: Equinox 6 singles:

1. God Save Ukraine

2. Land of Broken Souls

3. Into the night

4. Now that you're gone

5. Bureaucracy

6. Long Time Gone Rick Young: Producer, Songwriter, Lead guitar, Bass, Background vocals, et al. Rocky Di lacovo: Drums Justin Williams: Songwriter, Lead Vocals.

We weren’t sure what to expect when we sat down with the members of Dark Capricorn Rising (DCR), the Neo Heavy Rock band based in Canton MI. First off, there are the cats. Lots of them. 7 cats total between the 3 members. Juxtapose this with a band that cites Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Adam Smith and Eric Berne as philosophical influences, and Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Deep Purple as their musical influences.

We asked about their name, “Dark Capricorn Rising”. Our research had found that if one has a Capricorn ascendant in their sign, they can be cynical and secretive; If they come to you and say they want to communicate, be ready for an argument! But what we found was a group of talented, serious musicians with a long history in the local music scene, a clear point of view, and a strong message they want to convey.

The name is an acknowledgment to the dark side in us all, and the struggle we experience in daily living. Topical and political, DCR wants fans…fans who know that music can be transformative. Their latest track, Long Time Gone is the story of someone beaten down by the slings and arrows of life, but refusing to give in, and vowing to go on. Two upcoming tracks dropping soon are “The Bleeding Inside”, a song about when humankind is going to get off its self-destructive track and “8 Days in the Middle”, about recovering from a broken relationship.

The song “Armageddon” speaks of Man's nature and the inevitability of war. Our intent is to "Open some eyes" and hopefully enlighten. We wish to continue spreading the "Gospel" of Dark Capricorn Rising.

DCR is professionally produced by nationally acclaimed producer Rick Young, (vocals and lead guitar) and has been compared to Black Sabbath, Korn and Mushroom Head. Young has worked with heavy hitters such as Van Halen, Aretha, Stevie Wonder and many others. “Powerful but professional and polished is the goal. We are not just banging away and making noise, we want people to hear and understand the lyrics, and to get our message” says Young.

Dark Capricorn works around Hard rock Catchy, Creative, Curious, Dark, Drama, Eccentric, Experimental, Dreamy, Original, Provocative, Psych, Captivating, Available on Spotify


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Darkcapricornrising

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/06tUzZYK8gctfYOcidmiaQ?si=5sWtQrTtT5SMgUGjnal0eA


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