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DJ Wallace is an artist, born in Clichy sous Bois in the Parisian suburbs in 1979. DJ Wallace first learned football in the club of his city until an injury forced him to stop at the age of 18.

Naturally relentless, hardworking, and voluntary, he will then focus on the music, and more precisely on the mix. Inspired by the greatest international DJs, such as Cut Killer, DJ Abdel, or Carl Cox, he will very quickly develop his own sound and perform in prestigious places.


He started at the mythical Champs Élysée club "Le Duplex" and went on to the most trendy clubs in the capital before opening for DJ Abdel, Cut Killer, Bob Sinclar, and Martin Solveig. In 2012 the change… It is a logical continuation for an independent artist, in 2012, Dj Wallade decides to set up his label and thus becomes a producer. He will now create his own sounds, his own compositions and offer them to his audience.

DJ Artists since the 2000s is listening to the mix of killer cuts, Dj Abdel, bob Sinclar Martin Solveig Roger Sanchez ... that DJ Wallace then start the job as he is self-taught in directing his life in bars and the trendy discotheques of the Parisian capital, 12 years ago, he began the composition with touches Funk, Soul, African music, Rock.


The music that comes out of his childhood since he has not finished mixing the musical genres in his atypical productions gives him a unique and unique sound, his production is as much funk as pop, afro, dance, house rock, and electro. 

As a true professional, Dj Wallade. must now call on new collaborators to devote themselves solely to his future album. Atypical background, atypical development, it is Laurent Rebours, more specialized in alternative music which will take care of all communication for the year 2013. 2013 will also see the release of the 1st clip, and the release of the album is planned for the fall.

 DJ Wallace works around Dance music, Dance-pop, Electronica, Electropop, Latin music


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dj__wallace_official/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djwallace-officiel


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