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Frank Black is an artist resident of the USA. Frank Black was born and raised in North Carolina. He started writing as a teenager and has been putting out music since 2018.

Frank Black has a very southern sound mixed with strong lyrics which is where his strength lies. Frank Black has the belief that art should be about the music and not an image or persona which is why he tries to provide an element of realism through music while entertaining.

Frank Black has been featured in blogs and articles such as Landon Buford, Illustrate Magazine, New Fire Music, Honk Magazine, Last day deaf, Modern Soulful Music Awards, and The Word is Bond. His music is currently streaming on all platforms.

A song to make you think about consequences all while keeping it honest by revealing different scenarios seen throughout certain sides of life. Frank black presents his single “Time Versus Decisions”. The single is a song that tells a story about multiple people and their decisions on how to live their life and choices can impact one’s life.

The song by the indie artist shows the artist's ability to tell a story and make a point. Every decision in life has a consequence and that is the purpose of the song. The single is a follow-up to previous singles “Kick Back and Relax” and “Talking Slick”. Frank Black is unique in that he writes with purpose and each song has a point as evident by another single “Two Lives” in which he tells the story of how one bad decision can affect multiple Lives.

Frank Black is good around Afrobeat, Chill hip-hop, Chill out, Hip-hop, Minimal, Rap in English, Trap Authentic, Creative, Dark, Good vibes, Meaningful lyrics, Original, & Surprising.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fblack5764

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xhyCt81qIUv2wSsjz6ktq?si=or7Svr1CQ56trlRvSoKoTw

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