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Hope2yu is an artist based in Japan. She supported independent artists. She was a competitor in offering her songs to mainstream artists. She was creating ringtones. Currently, she has been rebooted for development. She is Japanese in Tokyo, Japan.

Hope2yu is a talented Tokyo artist that has done it all, from supporting independent musicians to working with ringtones. As a student in a graphic design school, she would use her skills to help promote DJ's, bands, and theatrical companies. It was during that period that she also began venturing into her production skills, teaching herself how to make music as well as her graphic designs.

Soon after, her promising skills would lead her to become a ringtone converter at a mobile company. She would begin to hear different types of music each day, whilst also participating in local music competitions. Her debut single '| B | _ Forest - Remix' was released in 2021; since then, she's been working on making her own blend of Pop, R&B, and Alternative R&B to impress music fans everywhere. She hopes to increase awareness with “RAIN” and with such an addictive sound, there is a lot more recognition coming her way.

Japanese emerging artist Hope2yu is back with her brand-new track “RAIN” to deliver that retro 80's sound we can't get enough of. Catchy, groovy, and vibrant, there's no doubt Hope2yu is here to make waves this time around. The song is inspired by Ann Peebles's hit song 'I Can't Stand the Rain' (1974).

The song is an upbeat track with playful synthesizers and Hope2yu's sunny vocals, which sing out lyrics like: "Here comes the sound of rainfall I can stand the rain, I can stand the rain Dancing in the rain with you We are under the thunder I can sing in the rain, I can sing in the rain We are moving in the crazy clouds And we can start again and again".

Hope2yu tells us that this song acknowledges the difficulties, or 'rain', in relationships and chooses to move through it with positivity, an admirable approach from the artist. This track is the spirited sister of Hope2yu's track titled 'STAY', a rawer track that sticks to Hope2yu's usual style. Both of these were composed and mixed on Logic Pro by Hope2yu and showcases the best of her skills as a musical all-rounder. Hope2yu comes back swinging with “RAIN”, a song that fuses trendy sounds with a cheery sentiment perfect to get you hooked straight away.

Hope2yu works around Dream pop, Electropop, Funk, International pop, Pop soul, R&B, Soul, Synthpop, Urban pop catchy, Chill, Contemporary, Creative, Curious, Eclectic, Experimental, Good vibes, Groovy, Indie, Lo-fi, Dreamy, Available on Spotify, Composer, International Potential.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hope2yu/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7GXnclGvctq7Dwyu5wN0Xm?si=ypWe7TgNSRWOqy6Nf9lPwg


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