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Pamela Scyne is an artist Of Iranian origin. Pamela Scyne is an electro-pop artist on the piano, an artist who for the first part of her life was a doctor but who has always been an artist.

After a musical journey in classical music, she took the step of offering us an autobiographical journey in exile, the desire to become someone; the meeting with the patients who inspired her songs and who led her to do the show she offers us today.

Her inspirations go to Freddy Mercury and Serge Gainsbourg, emblematic musical figures for Pamela, in addition to their stories of life in cultural duality and family fractures. Pamela's aesthetic references also go to Cigarette after sex and Chris And the Queens, musical universes that she admires and feels on the side of sensuality.

In a languid dark rock atmosphere, “Peace” is a confession, a forgotten love letter between two people. Carried by muffled percussion and the echoes of floating sonorities, Pamela Scyne erases the distances that separate from each other.

With her sensual and enveloping voice, she invites us to dance slow, dare to love each other, give ourselves, to get closer to beings who are far away, even beyond the ocean...."

EXIL- SINGLE available since October 14, 2022

MOM SOLO - SINGLE AVAILABLE since August 12, 2022

PEACE” - SINGLE AVAILABLE since November 18, 2022

Pamela Scyne works around Dance music, Dance-pop, Electropop, Modern jazz, Pop rock, French variety authentic, Good vibes, Meaningful lyrics, Melodic, Positive, Sensual, Composer, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pamela.scyne/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/49b4BwiHnZuXQ0H16P2MXT?si=BULvhGm-RjaQvwgBuQVqug


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