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P.E.Petrov is an artist resident of the USA. P.E.Petrov’s Debut EP, “Ch 4 The Roadwork”, has his debut single Dbl Yllw Lines along with two new singles.

The new singles, Bridges & Roadkill, help complete this story about Sadboi, the character on the artwork of this concept album. This particular chapter is towards the end of the complete album he has planned for the future.

The music is influenced by trap-pop production & sounds similar to Lauv, Ryan Tedder, Ariana Grande, & Tate Mcrae. The story in the lyrics of this album is based on personal relationships that he has experienced.

P.E.Petrov works around Dream pop, Indie pop, Lofi bedroom, Pop soul, Singer-songwriter, Soul, Synthpop, Trap Catchy, Creative, Dark, Unique, Indie, Meaningful lyrics, Melancholic, Weird, Available on Spotify, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p.e.petrov_the_music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1Lyo0YVgt3RLtDpLwJSLdH?si=cte87VsNRAqTZkoCw-UivQ


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